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Bhoomi (Land) Project commenced by Revenue Department of Karnataka with the help of NIC (National Informatics Centre) is an online detail of Land Records in the state of Karnataka. It keeps all the records of land in proper management for the citizen who owns land in Karnataka. The Bhoomi has automated 20 million land records of ownership of 6.7 million farmers in the state.

Now the local people or farmer can easily get the printed copy of land records (RTC/ Pahani) only by giving the Owner’s Name or Plot No. at the government authorized kiosks in 177 Taluk offices of Bhoomi Karnataka. You have to only pay Rs. 15/- as a fee for getting a copy of land records. The user is also enabled to see the transactions of land being performed at the kiosks.

This process is known as mutation details. A farmer or user is also eligible to made grievances if the Revenue Inspector does not complete the Mutation within 45 days of the period.

About Karnataka Bhoomi Pahani RTC Online Land Records

Pahani (RTC) – In Karnataka state, the Land Record is known as Bhoomi Karnataka or Pahani. It is a very essential Revenue Records. It contains land details like Survey no., Area of the plot, Owner’s details, Type of Soil, Kind of possession, source of irrigation, Tenancy and crops used, etc.

Bhoomi Karnataka Pahani is needed at the Sub register’s office to know the legitimacy of a seller and also essential for loan purposes from the bank. The individual can get the computerized copy of Pahani from the Pahani Office set up at Tahsildar Office by paying Rs. 15/- as fee charge.

Bhoomi Karnataka Pahani contains very valuable information correlated to the land. The following information is available:

  • • Survey Number and Hissa No. of Land
  • • The total area of Land under the Pahani.
  • • The details of Land Revenue
  • • Name of the Land Owner with Extent and Khata Number
  • • The way land is obtained by the Owner
  • • The Rights of the Public/Govt. on the Land
  • • Responsibility of the Owners on the Land
  • • Categorization of the Land
  • • Source of Irrigation and area irrigated
  • • Number of Trees, Details of mixed crops
  • • Details of Crops grown season-wise
  • • Utilization of land under various categories and Cultivators details.

Bhoomi Karnataka Mutation Online Land Records

Mutation – Mutation is a process of changing the ownership or any such liabilities in transactions.

The people or farmer can check the Bhoomi Karnataka RTC / Pahani and Mutation details by going to the following link:

Bhoomi Karnataka Official Portal =>

Bhoomi Karnataka Online Land Records

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