Payment of Online Property Tax in Chennai Corporation of Chennai

There are various states and cities in our country who are coming up in the field of providing Online filling of Property Tax. Chennai is one of the states who are also giving the same cool process of online payment of property tax. The Tamil Nadu Government has made it possible by inventing Chennai Property Tax Online website. The government has formed this to make the task easy for their users which is possible to done in just few clicks.

Few times back where the user had to donate their whole day in property tax payment process or waste many hours but after the launch of work in computers make it possible to do the process online.

To Promote the property tax collection, Chennai Corporation has also stated to give the alerts on optimized solution based Blackberry to eliminate human errors and speed up the process of collecting the property tax.

Property tax  is the direct sum paid by the owner of a real estate according to the value of a property. Nominal fixed has to paid by the property owner to the authority in the jurisdiction, where the property located on yearly basis even though there is no profit from the said property.

In this article of Chennai Property Tax, you can go through the details which is provided, how to pay property tax online in Chennai.

How the Procedure goes in paying Property Tax Online in Chennai:

<#> If you want to pay property tax online, then you have to go to the Chennai Corporation website, ie.

<#> Now Click on ‘Online Civic Services on left side bar of home page

<#> After clicking on the above will show you various option.

<#> From the option, you need to choose or select Property Tax Online  option.

<#> A new page of Status of Property Tax Payment will open up, where you have to enter all the details like Zone number., Division Code, Bill Number, Sub Number and need to Submit it.

<#> If the user want to look on their previous online property tax details, then he/she need to click on the next ‘ Know Full Status Slot’.

<#> Then fill the first section of form then you have to fill the second section of page, that is Property Tax amount page.

<#> Here, you are required to mention the period for which you want to make payment and then choose ‘Pay Online’ button.

<#> Now Choose the amount from the payment option and choose your mode of payment and submit it.

<#> The system will show you the confirmation message after online payment done.

<#> You can also take the printout of your online payment by clicking on print option.

How to Know your Zone and Division:

If you want to know your zone and division then you have to enter some details, like Area, Location and Street Name. And you can  search by entering the first letter in appropriate box.

Good and Important points of Payment of Property Tax online in Chennai:

=> In the website of Chennai Corporation Online Property Tax payment has given all the directions to their users on how to pay online payment online

=> The process of Online payment of property tax is not time consuming

=> Online payment of property tax is secure process of transactions.

=> The facility of providing online payment receipt is also good as using this confirmation no. the user is able to check their bills.

=>This website is also provided the service of making payment through using Credit Card/ Debit Card of any bank or Net Banking service.

=> This website of Chennai Government also state the due date of  property tax payment.

=> The users are also able to look the previous payment through the Website of Chennai Corporation.





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