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Digital Land Map / Bhu – Naksha & Online Land Records / Bhulekh, Khasara, Kishtbandi Khatauni under NLRMP and Modern Record Rooms in Tehsil Level by Chhattisgarh Revenue Department
National Land Records Modernization Programme (NLRMP) was launched by the Government of India in August 2008. It has the main aim to modernize land records management, minimize the likelihood of disputes for land or property in all states including Chhattisgarh, enhance the transparency of the system for maintenance of all land records / bhulekh / bhumi abhilekh / CG Bhuiyan and facilitate the proper nomenclature of immovable properties across the country.

Under this program, including mutations mainly computerization of land records, digitization of maps, details of the land and three-dimensional integration of the data, the survey and the actual survey and cadastral data, or resurveyed settlement records including details of renovation work such works included. In this program, registration and computerization of land records maintenance system integration / Chhattisgarh CG Bhuiyan, geospatial information, system development, and capacity building are also contained.

The main object of the national land records modernization program (NLRMP) is to develop the modern, comprehensive, and transparent land records management system in the country which has the goal to give conclusive identification. As per a report by the official department of revenue, the CG state government completed the computerization of land records work through a campaign in the year 2014 in which a total of 19530 revenue villages’ bhu-abhilekh digitization work were done. Under this campaign in the same year in these villages total 19530 village khasra / measles, five-year and Kishtbandi khatauni computerization work is completed, while 19319 villages’ bhu-Naksha / digital land map computerization work has completed.

In the same year from 27 districts of Chhattisgarh CG Bhuiyan state 18 districts provided permission for computerization of land records under the NLRMP. For the remaining nine new districts the plan was forwarded to the central government for approval in the same year. Under the scheme, the revenue department of CG state proposed to make modern record rooms in the tehsil level along with the revenue survey, computerization of land records, and connectivity of online registration office with tehsil office tasks. In the same, the revenue department of Chhattisgarh CG Bhuiyan also completed the work for connectivity with computers to registration offices.

Chhattisgarh CG Bhuiyan Work Procedure

The remaining tasks are managed by the department of revenue Chhattisgarh CG Bhuiyan state. In-state officials meeting of departmental person the head of the dept also instructed the tehsil officers to take action and to supply new computers in place of damaged computers in necessary places. The revenue officer of the CG state also instructed all tehsil officers for doing strong arrangements for dealing with natural disasters like thunderstorms and monsoons. In the same meeting, the revenue minister said that it is mandatory to provide the funding within 15 days after the survey to people who affected during potential disasters under the revenue book circular 6-4.

In urban areas, the revenue authorities directed to prepare a proposal for restructuring patwari circles. The minister also said that the number of khata-holders (account holders) has increased significantly to purchase land in urban areas and around cities, due to this work of patwaris and revenue officers has increased significantly. Thus, for keeping the separate record for the land, separate Naksha / map circles to restructure by patwari and in urban areas has necessitated a reorganization of the board of revenue inspector. For this in the urban areas, for each village, a separate patwari should be kept under fixed criteria. In the urban areas, one revenue inspector for each of the three patwari circles should be provided to keep.

Online Land Records Facility in Chhattisgarh CG Bhuiyan

Now in the Chhattisgarh state, any person or landowner will be able to view and obtain a copy of land records (bhumi abhilekh) through the internet anywhere and anytime. Such copies as evidence of recognition are being provisioned. The Revenue Minister of CG state Mr. Premprakash Pandey said in the assembly while replying to the debate on the demands for grants in the department. The revenue minister of state said that in 20169 villages total 19530 villages Khasara (measles), B-1, bhu-Naksha / land map computerization, and 75 percent of the records (abhilekh) have made online till now.

He also informed that the survey will be made again for the villages nearest and touched with the urban areas and the department will upload new records with maps on the official website of Chhattisgarh CG Bhuiyan in the link page. For this work, the new program e-Dharti (e-earth) has been launched this year. Under the E-Dharti program, the department will take the survey of urban areas along with the rural area populated land. All revenue courts will be converted into e-court by the IT team of the CG state. The minister also informed about the plans for populated land survey record room computerization, patwari Halka, and reorganization of revenue inspector board, making revenue dispute-free villages and tehsil level public service centers.

Revenue Department Officer Patwari Chhattisgarh CG Bhuiyan Work Flow

Patwari is the employee of the revenue department. They are also known by other names in different places such as Patel, Karnam officer, Shanbogru, etc. This is an administrative post of the Indian subcontinent government in the rural areas. The patwari system first introduced during the reign of Sher Shah Suri and later Akbar worked to promote this system.

Some minor changes were applied during the British rule in this but the system continued with some of the same workflow and process. After the year 1918 in all villages, Lekhpal (revenue accountant) was appointed as the official representative of the government. Kind Todarmal who was the bhu-abhilekh minister in the Afghan king Sher Shah Suri established the patwari post for the editing work related to the land and records.

Works of Patwari in Every Tehsil & Village

Patwari works to store and collect the government including private land papers. After reinforcing this post the British rule continued it. The patwari word is prevalent in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal states of India along with the neighboring Pakistan country. Till 1918 in Gujarat and Maharashtra state, this post was also called the Kulkarni, which was later as the Talati. In Tamil Nadu state the patwari officer called the Karnam Officer.

For the rural area poor farmer, the patwari is “bade sahib (big officer)”. In Punjab state, the patwari also called the “Pind Di Ma (mother of the village)”. In Rajasthan, the patwari was known as the “Hakim Sahib”. There is no centralized data available about patwaris. As per the report says total 10685 patwaris are posted in Rajasthan, 11622 in Madhya Pradesh, 3500 in Chhattisgarh, in Uttar Pradesh patwari post was abolished in the time of Chaudhary Charan Singh and now they are called as the Lekhpal (revenue accountant) and as per documents total 27333 Lekhpal are working in UP. In Uttarakhand state, these patwaris called as the revenue police officer and because of these in-state 65 percent crime control, revenue functions, forest resources, as well as the work of entitlement works, are going.

However, in the technological age, the patwari system is being repaired. In 2005 the Government of India developed Patwari Information System (PATIS) software so that the revenue department can keep the computerized land records. The commissioner land records of mp state Rajiv Rajan said that the computerization of land records in the state is on process till now.

How to Get Online Land Records B-1 Khata Khatauni / P-2 Khasara Bhu-Abhilekh Computerized Report & Online Digital Map via Bhuiyan Software of Revenue Department Chhattisgarh

The revenue department of Chhattisgarh state launched its official online website with the name of Bhuiyan. This software and website designed and developed by the national informatics center (nic) team of CG state. Through this online website, the department has the main objective to provide the information related to the selected specific village under the tehsil details of khasra, modification, deletion or view data related to the land online facility, automatic generation of mutation (dakhila – kharij) number and new number to get the khasra (measles) and details related to the khatauni online.

The revenue department of the CG state has the online official website where the department has given the options and section for e-gazette, Bhuiyan, bhu-Naksha, year-wise details, bhu-Arjan, and revenue court. All services of the revenue department now will be provided through the Public Service Guarantee Centres (PSGC).

In respect to the addition of services in public service centers last year the revenue department was trained to the officers, employees of revenue department, public service guarantee center operators. The revenue dept of CG now decided that all the records will be online for all villages and tehsil. Under the e-District Project new services, changes in revenue services as agricultural land, Najul land, solvency, and less than 5 lakh and 5 lakh to 25 lakh population village services are included. The main aim to start the online services is to complete the land-related tasks within the time limit in revenue offices.

The e-District project is a National e-Governance Plan Mission Mode Project (NeGP). The main object of the e-district project is to provide combined various services through the integrated Jan Seva Kendra. Through the guarantee, public service center selected new services in the second phase under agricultural land changes revenue department demarcation, mutation, solvency, credit manual and RBC 6 (4) is included.

Similarly, revenue services under Najul’s demarcation included the mutation, Najul patta renewal, and Najul patta clearance. Under the service charges for the services prescribed departmental fees will be accepted through the public service centers. At the time of applying for the document print of Rs 15 and service fees Rs. 5 has decided.

Here we are providing you step by step procedure to check your land records online checking system through the online official website of Bhuiyan. See the below-given process with the demo images to get complete details about your online land records:


First, you will have to visit on the official website of or can visit the website wherein the home page you can get the option with the name of CG Bhuiyan. In this CG Bhuiyan Website, you will get two options as View B-I or P-II or Check Naksha / Land Map. On this page, you will have to select the first option. See the below given demo image for the selection to get the Khasara Details/Khasra Vivaran option.

CG Bhuiyan - भुइयां - Khasara Option Home Page


After clicking that you can get a new page as Khasara Details/Khasra Vivaran. In this, you will have to select the option through which you want to get the online land records in Chhattisgarh. Here on this page, three options are given as “Select District”, “Select Tahsil” and third is “Select Village”. As right now for the demo I am selecting a village wise option.

In the village section, you will have to select your district name, tehsil name, RN and village name. In the village name wise section, you will get two more options as for by khasara and by name. After selecting one option of this you have to select the options from B-I Khatauni Report or P-II Khasara Report. Same as this in the village number section you just have to enter the village number if you know it. See the below-given demo image for the village wise online land record search.

CG Bhuiyan Selection Report for Khasra Detail


Now you will have to select one option from “Khasra Wise or Name Wise”. After filling these details you have to enter the Khasra Number or Property Owner Name. See the below-given demo image.

CG Bhuiyan Khasra Wise or Name Wise


Now on the next step, you will see the complete details related to your land online with the Crop Information, Property Owner Information and General Information. See the below-given demo image.

CG Bhuiyan Khasra Wise or Name Wise

Here we provided you complete step by step procedure to get your online land records via Chhattisgarh CG Bhuiyan. But if you still need any kind of help you can contact the departmental person of revenue or can visit your tehsil office. Before using the official website read the below given important instructions.

Important Instructions for CG Bhuiyan Khasra Wise or Name Wise

Ø Chhattisgarh CG Bhuiyan is the only online official website of the revenue department of Chhattisgarh CG Bhuiyan to check the online land records and to get the online digital map. Beware from an online fake website and do not provide any kind of personal or property information to any portal.

Ø Don’t take any help from a person outside of tehsil or pay money to any person for providing your land records or Bhu-Naksha through Chhattisgarh CG Bhuiyan. If you want help just ask from the official departmental person in the tehsil office or revenue office. For any kind of settlement-related help contact only to the official person or legal person. Don’t pay any kind of money to broker or agent for your work.

Ø The Chhattisgarh CG Bhuiyan website is developed by the nic team so all rights of websites are reserved under the state government of Chhattisgarh. All the citizens are suggested to use the website only for personal purposes. The documents of the online websites are not valid for any kind of legal process. These records and information are provided only for general and personal uses.

Ø All the information on this website OnlinePropertyTax.Com has taken after research and taking help through the official person. If any person/company/ website found using this information for personal/legal purposes shall be liable to face the legal action under the copyright act of India.

Ø The OnlinePropertyTax.Com is only an informational website and our team is working to provide all kinds of e-governance procedures to citizens for free. The team of the website is not responsible to provide any kind of hard/soft copy data/record/document/certificate to any person. In case you need any help you can submit your query in comment below or can send us mail.

Ø In case of more help you can contact the Board of Revenue Department officials or can visit the nearest tehsil office or visit the Chhattisgarh CG Bhuiyan official website.

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