Online Property Tax Payment, PTR, Receipt Download, PTIN, Due Tax, Calculate Tax, Municipal Corporation, Nagar Nigam How to make Online Payment of Property Tax in Ahmedabad – Municipal Corporation of Ahmedabad

All the citizens of Ahmedabad city are able to pay your property tax online and declare it to the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation AMC. All the property holder who have property (residential or commercial) should pay property tax against that property.

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is in charge for charging and collecting property taxes in Ahmedabad city. AMC is authorised to charge the property tax on residential and commercial properties which comes under the jurisdiction of AMC. Though it should be point out here that where there is a ceiling on the general property tax, other associated taxes have no minimum or maximum limit.

Now below I am giving you some information of the essential feature about property tax in Ahmedabad.

 How the Property Tax measured in Ahmedabad:

In the past days in Ahmedabad, the property tax system was stand on the Annual Rateable Value (ARC). Based on it nearly 73 percent of the residential and 29 percent of commercial properties were below Rs. Six Hundred per annul and therefore were exempted from the payment of property tax. After the introduction of new property tax system, the property tax is based on the location of the property, age of property, type of property and its usage. For the commercial properties, use of property is used not the type of property.

 How the Online Calculation of Property Tax works in Ahmedabad:

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is providing the Online Property  Tax Calculator to their citizens, where they can easily calculate property tax amount. This is very reliable and correct way for calculating your property tax. The citizens need to click on the following link to get the online calculator, Here the user have to enter some details like location, usage type and type of construction (residential or non-residential).

If you want to calculate your property tax manually, then use the below formula.

f1 – weightage of location of the property

f2 – weightage of type of property

f3 – weightage of age of property

f4 – weight assigned to residential buildings

fn – weight assigned to user of the property

The user can get payable amount of Property Tax by applying the formula, ie.-

Property Tax = Rate x Area x (f1 x f2 x f3 x f4..fn)

 How to Pay Property Tax Online in Ahmedabad:

~~> To pay the property tax online, the user need to go to the AMC website and click on Online Services or click link

~~> On this page you are required to enter your Tenament Number, which you can get from the previous property tax bill.

~~> After entering the details, the page will show the owner name, occupier, address and tax amount due. On the same page click on Pay box, it will proceed with payment.

~~>On the next page of payment confirmation, the tenament details and payment amount will be shown to you. You need to enter you Email ID and Mobile number and click on Confirm.

~~>Then you will redirected to payment gateway, where you can make payment by using your credit/ debit card or internet banking of your bank. After payment process, the system will generate a bill receipt. You must save a copy of the bill receipt and can take printout of it.

 How to Pay Property Tax through offline mode  in Ahmedabad:

If you prefer to pay your property tax manually, then you are required to visit to any of the Collection Centres by selecting the  convenient address which are provided in the link –

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