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Kanchipuram, Kanchi, is a municipal area of Tamil Nadu state of India. Moreover, this is a city of temples. It is also the headquarters of Kanchipuram district. The Kanchipuram was also called Kanchi or Kachiyamapathi in the east. It is situated on the banks of river Palar and is famous for its silk saris and temples. There are many big temples, such as the Varadaraja Perumal Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, dedicated one of the five forms of Lord Shiva, the Ekambaram Temple, Kamakshi Amma Temple, Kumarakottam, Kachapeswaran Temple, Kailashnath Temple, etc. On the other hand, this city is also famous for its silk sarees. These saris are knitted with hammers, and the quality is high quality.

These saris are knitted with hammers, and the quality is high quality. That is why there is often one or the other kanjivaram of the saris of women of all Tamil elite families. They also have a lot of value in North India. Located in northern Tamil Nadu, Kanchipuram is considered to be one of the seven most sacred cities of India. This holy shrine of Hindus is known as the city of thousands of temples. Even today, 126 magnificent temples can be seen in Kanchipuram and its surroundings. This city is situated on the banks of the Velvati river 45 miles south of Chennai. Kanchipuram was the capital of ancient Chola and Pallava kings. In addition to the temples, the city is well-known for its handloom industry and beautiful silk sarees.

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Here we are explaining to you that “How to Pay Property Tax Online”, “Property Tax Calculator” and “File Complaint Online” in Kanchipuram Municipal Corporation.

How to Pay Property Tax to Kanchipuram Municipal Corporation etownpanchayat

The money required to run the government in the country, this money comes from taxes imposed on the public. A good tax system strengthens the economic condition of the country, while the poor tax system encourages exploitation and poverty, so citizens should take an interest in the tax system, even if it is monotonous to read and understand why it is unintelligible. Property tax is levied on all types of property, residential, commercial or land. If the property has been rented, the property tax should also be paid to the owner. Tax on commercial property is more than the tax on residential property. The formula for calculating property tax is the same. However, some local body institutions charge more taxes on commercial properties in prime locations. The “Directorate of Town Panchayats” administration is covering following 9 municipalities:

  • Anagaputhur Municipality
  • Chengalpattu Municipality
  • Kanchipuram Municipality
  • Madurantakam Municipality
  • Maraimalai Nagar Municipality
  • Pallavaram Municipality
  • Pammal Municipality
  • Sembakkam Municipality
  • Tambaram Municipality

The owner of the property first had to pay by going to the office of the State Revenue Department. But now things have become easy because the Kanchipuram Municipal Corporation has started charging tax through online mediums. You can pay the property tax through the online mode by following steps.

Directorate of Town Panchayats


  • Secondly, after pressing the above option, you will see the new section where you can see the following options in the below available link under the Directorate of Town Panchayats Kanchipuram Municipal Corporation:

Property Tax Services


  • Make Online Payment
  • New Assessment
  • Tax Calculator
  • Property Search
  • Name Transfer
  • Payment History
  • View DCB
  • Track New Assessment

Here we are providing you the complete procedures of all options available on the Directorate of Town Panchayat Kanchipuram Municipal Corporation – Nagar Panchayat – Nagar Pigam.

  • Make Online Property Tax Payment in Kanchipuram -:

If you are willing to pay the property tax online or pay house tax online in Kanchipuram in that case just check the below available link. On that link, you just have to enter “User Id/Mobile No/Email Id and Password”. If you are not having yet the registration then the options are also available and you also can recover the password as well for the property tax online payment in Kanchipuram. You also can use the “Quick Pay” option for filing your property tax return (PTR) in Kanchipuram.

Quick Pay Property Tax


Pay Property Tax After Registration


  • New Assessment Kanchipuram -:

For filing the new property assessment in Kanchipuram just visit the below link where you will have to fill the complete information. You also will have to attach “Registered Document, Parent Document and Patta Document” in jpeg, jpg, png, pdf or doc file format. After uploading all the documents and filling the application form press the “Submit” button.



After filing the new property assessment in Kanchipuram you also can track the status of its request. For tracking the new property assessment in Kanchipuram you will have to enter the “Request Number” or “Mobile Number”. After giving these both information you will be able to see the status report of new property assessment in Kanchipuram Municipal Corporation.


  • Property/House Tax Calculator in Kanchipuram -:

Moreover for calculating the house tax or property tax the property tax calculator is available on the official website of Directorate of Town Panchayats Kanchipuram Municipal Corporation. For this visit the below link where you will have to enter “District, Town Panchayat, Building Location, Building Usage, Building Type, Building Age, Tax Type, and Total Area”. Then press the “Generate” button and you will see the complete property tax due amount in Kanchipuram.



  • Property Search/Assessment Search in Kanchipuram -:

To search property in Kanchipuram or assessment search in Kanchipuram you just have to check the below link. On this page, you will have to enter “District, Town Panchayat and Tax No” details. Just after providing the tax number you will be able to see the property online in Kanchipuram.



  • Name Transfer or Property Transfer in Kanchipuram -:

If you want to transfer the property in Kanchipuram then just visit the below link where you will have to enter the all above details as “District, Town Panchayat and Tax No”. After that, you will be able to see the complete registration form of name transfer in property under Kanchipuram Municipal Corporation. You also can track-down your request status through the same official website Directorate of Town Panchayats Kanchipuram online. For tracking the status just enter the “Request No or Mobile No”.



Property Tax Name Transfer Status

  • Property Tax Payment History in Kanchipuram -:

The service for property tax online payment history and duplicate or old receipt download in Kanchipuram Municipal Corporation is also available online. Meanwhile, you have to enter the same information as the district, town panchayat and tax number to check the online payment history and old property tax bill in Kanchipuram Nagar Nigam. For this service just visit the below link and enter the details.



File Complaint & Contact/Helpline of Kanchipuram Municipal Corporation

If you are having any trouble property tax online payment in Kanchipuram or any other procedure then only contact the officials or file your complaint. For filing the complaint/lodge your grievance you will have to fill the complete form in below link. You also can contact the Directorate of Town Panchayats Kanchipuram Tamil Nadu.


Address – Kuralagam, Chennai – 600108, Tamil Nadu

Office Phone – 044-25358744

Official Email –

Dept Website –

File Your Complaint


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