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kaverionline.karnataka.gov.in Property Registration in Karnataka

The Government of Karnataka launched an online portal “Kaveri Online Services” to enable services related to property owners and documents related to the property rather than going to the sub registrar’s office for it. However, initially tested and implemented at Gandhinagar Sub-Registrar’s Office, the website now provides details of 250 sub-registrar offices in Karnataka. In Karnataka, a buyer must follow the following procedure to register an online property:

Process Step A:

Property Registration in Karnataka 1

  • Secondly, Log in to the website by registering as a user by clicking on the “Register as New User” button on the right.
Process Step B
  • Registration of documents is important in order to validate property transactions in official records. All property related documents have to be submitted for registration within four months from the date of signature. To begin the process, click the “Document Registration” button at the top left corner shown in the picture.

Property Registration in Karnataka 2

Process Step C
  • Enter the details, along with the date of the sale work, similarly, fill the section for the party and witness details. Then save and go ahead.

Property Registration in Karnataka 3

  • Evidence plays an important role in the process. Those people you know well and they should have a valid ID proof, as outlined in the picture below.

Property Registration in Karnataka 3a

  • Sales work can be prepared by the lawyer. Fill in the relevant information and save.

Property Registration in Karnataka 3b

Property Registration in Karnataka 3c

Process Step D
  • The tab allows you to enter information about the related property, indicating “Property Details”. Save before proceeding.

Property Registration in Karnataka 4

  • The government has recently increased the guideline price, the minimum price at which an asset can be registered on its sale. Access icon number 9 to calculate the guideline value.
Process Step E
  • An important step in the registration process is assessing property title verification and asset value. To pay stamp duty, you need to estimate property value in that area.

Property Registration in Karnataka 5

Process Step F

Along with sales, other documents need to be submitted such as a No Objection Certificate (NOC) if the building is located in the collector’s land, address proof, ID etc. Select the sub-registrar office, the “Acceptance” tab and upload the document. Also, to choose payment mode, select “Payment Details”.

Property Registration in Karnataka 6

Process Step G
  • You can see your saved document registration applications to check their status.

Property Registration in Karnataka 7

Process Step H
  • Book the appointment for registration of the sales work. You will have to visit the sub registrar’s office in your area with two witnesses. All parties should take their photographs and identity proofs with them.

Property Registration in Karnataka 8

Process I
  • To get a consolidation certificate (EC) and certified copy, go back to step 2 and click on ‘Online EC’ and ‘Online CC’ icon.

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