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Mohali came in light after the formation of the Union Territory of Punjab and its capital Chandigarh in the late 1960s.

The Mohali Municipal Corporation (Property Tax Mohali is responsible for collecting property tax Mohali.

Today, Mohali and Chandigarh are adjacent areas with only the boundary of Chandigarh and Punjab, which divide this region.

Moreover, the original scheme of Mohali is actually an extension of the road and design system of Chandigarh without any unique plan.

The first development was only up to phase vii. The development of areas and stages began in the late-1980s since phase 8, and the city got its bus stand in step 8 in the mid-1990s.

In 2006, Mohali’s population was close to 200,000 which was about 1/5 of Chandigarh. This area has been targeted by the increasing number of outsourcing companies, who try to capitalize on the prosperous investment opportunities of the city.

Mohali and Panchkula (its adjoining areas of Haryana and Chandigarh in the east) are two cities of Chambalgarh. Meanwhile, the Trio of these three cities is collectively known as Chandigarh Tricity.

Property Tax Mohali Online Payment in Mohali Municipal Corporation

 Firstly for the online payment, the citizens will have to visit the official website where on the home page they can see the option as “ONLINE PAYMENT: Property Tax MC MOHALI”.


MCM OFFICIAL WEBSITE - Property Tax Mohali - Online Payment
Property Tax MC Mohali – Online Payment

 Secondly, after that clicking on the payment option, you will see the new page in below link. On this page, you have to enter a credit/debit card or net banking mode. Similarly after making the payment must download the receipt.


Attention Please:- Property Tax Mohali payment gateway of the municipal corporation is not working right now. The website domain is not available right now and the department will renew it soon.

We suggest you visit the nearest PNB or ICICI bank branch or use the net banking mode for making payment.

The Nagar Nigam Mohali administration is providing property tax mohali payment service through the Fortis Mohali and Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar (SAS Nagar) Mohali ICICI bank branches.

Alternative Way to Pay Property Tax Mohali -:

The citizens of Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar (SAS Nagar) Mohali also can use the mobile app for the property tax mohali payment.

⇒For making the payment through the app first you have to download and install it on your phone.

⇒Once you got the app on your phone use your UID-Aadhaar Card and make payment using the net banking or credit/debit card mode.

Download Mobile App



Online Property Registration in Mohali Municipal Corporation

In order to bring transparency and convenience for home buyers, the Punjab government first started a pilot project for online property registration in the Municipal Corporation Mohali. The success of this project has inspired the state government to start it in 22 districts of Punjab.

However, it is notable here that Punjab will be the second state after Maharashtra, which will be running online for property registration, and will allow UID-based verification for this process.

As per the official sources, more than 1,000 property registrations have been done online through the official portal till March. The new property registration system has been implemented keeping cybersecurity in mind.

This will help with conducting a check on fraudulent deals through biometric authentication. The new process will eliminate the possibility of citizens who are misled on the collector rate, various exemptions, and their calculation method.

Buyers who wish to register online, firstly can go to National Generic Document Registration System (NGDRS) portal and make a login.

After feeding in the details of the property, the user can check the collector rate, rebate, etc. as applicable. Moreover, each time a login is initiated, as indicated by the system, it is sent to a conscious registered mobile number.

The system is able for automatic calculation of stamp duty, registration fee, and other charges based on the collector rate. Any data submission, option, and registration can be chosen for SMS alert option.

On the other hand, the online appointment system provides the citizens with the flexibility to select their date for registration.

Online Property Registration in Mohali


MCM – Municipal Corporation Mohali – Contact Details & Helpline No.

If you are still not able to make the payment after following all the procedures here then contact the officials. Check out the contact details, helpline and Sarthi guidelines for property tax mohali payment.

Office Address ⟿⟿⟿ Municipal Corporation SAS Nagar Sector-68 Mohali

Dept Phone No ⟿⟿⟿ 5044907, 5044910

Official EMail ⟿⟿⟿

Toll-Free No. ⟿⟿⟿ 1800-137-0007

Sarathi Guidelines for PTR

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