New Property Registry/Registration Rules 2020 Bihar

new property registration rules in biharNew Property Registry/Registration Rules 2020 Bihar -:Bihar’s Nitish government has made several changes in the process of land registration in the state, which are implemented from 2nd October this year. Nitish government has decided that under the new registry policy for the daughters of the state, now the daughters will not be entitled in the family distribution and the family property will have to be registered, along with the share of the daughters of the house will be safe.

For family sharing, the consent of the daughters will now be necessary and if the daughters do not want to take their share in the family property then they must give in writing that they do not want a share in their ancestral property.

New Property Registry Rules 2020 in Bihar

Buying-Selling of Land Will Be Closed Without Sharing

Under the New Property Registry/Registration Rules 2020 Bihar policy, hitherto family sharing registration was voluntary. But now it will become mandatory from 2nd October. This will stop the land purchase and sale without sharing. However, this will cause a significant loss in the revenue of the government. This will also reduce the graph of the land registry data. The people have not yet learned about the New Testament. But this rule will come into effect from 2nd October across the state. Where registration will be mandatory for the division of family property.

This Was The Arrangement Earlier

At present, the land was bought and sold based on the old settlement. The plot of land used to be in the name of the father. The son could also sell the land in the name of the father. For this, the seller should submit the updated receipt after depositing the goods (Malgujari) of the land. Also, PAN and Aadhaar Card are required.

The New System is Complicated

In the New Property Registry/Registration Rules 2020 Bihar system, the son will not be able to sell the land if there is a record of land in the name of the head of the family. For this, the names of all the family members are on the record. That is, there is a need to divide the family. Plot-wise names should be entered in the name of all the brothers or all of them.

The division of land with the consent of the father is necessary for the family whose head is alive. The father will also have a part in it. Only in the event of his death can the brothers divide themselves. For this, registration can be done in the Registration Office.

All Family Members Must Be Present

In today’s era, if there are four brothers in the family, so all four must be present in the partition of land. This will have far-reaching consequences. Also, there will be a reduction in ground disputes, etc. in the future. At the same time, the son will not be able to sell the father’s property. There have been many such cases in the past. In which one father has three children. One of them sold the land and the remaining two brothers had to visit the court when they knew.

Land Related Fraud Will Be Controlled

As long as there is no property in own name, the land will not be sold. This will prevent fake fraud on one side. Also, many such cases are pending in court will be resolved. In which the ground cases are seen more in the court. The new rule will also reduce land-related matters in the district and the burden of the case will also be less on the court.

The New Property Registry/Registration Rules 2020 Bihar government rule will reduce land disputes. Also, the purchase of the disputed land will be less in the sale. Also, the sale of government, non-Majura, Khasmahal, Bhoodan, etc. will not be sold.

Family Land Partition Registration

According to the information received from the sources, so far a small percentage of the families have registered the partition. Whereas according to the rule of the government, the stamp of hundred rupees can also be divided with the consent of the family. A very small number of people have taken advantage of this rule.

What Do The Officials Say

Giving information in New Property Registry/Registration Rules 2020 Bihar regard, District Under Registration Officer said that as per the new rule issued by the state government, it will be applicable from 2nd October. In which the property will be in the name of the person who will buy and sell at the same time it will become mandatory to register the partition of the family.

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