Steps For Online Payment of BMC Property Tax/ Bhopal Municipal Corporation

BMC Property Tax – Online Payment:

You can submit bmc property tax by sitting at your own  home. Not only this, you are also able to take advantage of permission to build your house, license and other services of the corporation online.

You can take advantage of this feature by going to the website Bhopal Municipal Corporation is giving the online facility to their citizens to make easy of paying the bmc property tax.

After opening the website page of Bhopal Municipal Corporation, you need to click on citizen services in the main menu.  The option of property tax and water tax will comes. Clicking on the property tax will be several options.

Apply to the Corporation for the account login and password for you property tax. The Corporation will provide the password through email. Then you put your account number and can see your self-assessment form.  There the corporation, will detail the entire property tax.

BMC Property Tax- online payment official website

After testing the calculation by the Corporation on the amount of tax to be typed on the online payment. Then in the payment gateway select one from debit card/credit card or net banking option and must have select the bank.

Then enter security code appear on the screen and you will be enter bank account and password. After entering the amount of your tax, money from your account to be transferred to the account of the corporation.

Bhopal Municipal Corporation was inaugurated in 1983 to carry out the fundamental requirements of the citizens of Bhopal city.  At present, the Bhopal Municipal Corporation has divided the Bhopal city into Fourteen Zones and Seventy Wards to accomplish the organization.

The main work of BMC is to collect the taxes, registration of birth and death, marriage, colonizers etc., issuance of permissions, health services, water supply and purification, removal of violation, conservation of lake, health services, maintenance and management of lakes, roads, parks, open areas and govt. buildings, etc.

The main question arise in the mind of citizens or tax payers that how to pay the bmc property tax through online mode. Bhopal Municipal Corporation giving this online facility of online payment of Property Tax.

Here below I am providing you the complete steps, How to make online payment of BMC Property Tax in Bhopal.

 Steps to Pay Online BMC Property Tax in Bhopal:

Step 1-

<>> First of all the tax payers are required to visit to the Bhopal Municipal Corporation website that is

<>> Here you will get a link ‘Click here to apply for online account’ the top left side of the page. If you are not registered yet, then click on it because for using online service, you would have to make registration form first.

<>>Enter the details on the online access application form like service type, last receipt and date, account no., zone, colony, owner name, address, mobile number, property id no. and submit the form.

<>>After submission of form, the system will generate the Application no. which can be useful to track the status of application form.

Step 2-

<>> Visit to the BMC website homepage, click on ‘Online Access Applicatin form for Download’ link. Download the application form, fill up the form and submit the same to the concerned ward office. You can also get this form from the BMC office.

<>>The officials of BMC will verify your application form and after verification, the User ID and Password will be send to your through email.

<>>After getting ID and password, the property owner can pay their bmc property tax online.

Step 3-

<>>Go to the website of BMC,, you will see the Log on option on the top right corner in the home page. Click on it. Enter your User ID and Password and click on logon.

<>>Now click on Citizen Service tab and for Property Tax, click on Property Tax Payment. If you have any outstanding bills, then will be displayed on the screen.

<>>For bmc property tax payment you need to submit the Self Assessment form.

<>>After testing calculations made by the MNC on the amount of tax, you will have to click on Online Payment’ and enter the amount.

<>>Thereafter, the payment mode will open up. Select anyone from credit/debit card or internet banking.

<>>Then you need to enter your bank account no. and password with entering the security code which is appeared on the screen.

<>>Enter the amount of your property tax, which will transfer from your account to BMC account.

<>>After completion of submission process of payment, the system will generate an Acknowledgement receipt.

<>>Save the receipt and take a print out of your online payment receipt.

13 thoughts on “ Steps For Online Payment of BMC Property Tax/ Bhopal Municipal Corporation”

  1. I want my property tax paid receipt which was paid on line on22-06-2015 . house no. B-60,minal residency, zone 16, ward 65


    Your system wants the person to submit registration form in the ward office. After that ID. and Password would be issued. System should be like that these are generated without going to office. If I need to go to office for this , then I would deposit Tax then only. Hence no advantage to the tax payer


    I wish to know about my current dues on PROPERTY TAX

    My particulars about the Property are mentioned below:
    खाता क्र॰(रजिस्टर) 63/41/08178 खाता क्र।(कंप्यूटर ) P006208171 संपत्ति का प्रकार: निजी

    जोन क्रमांक:: 13 वार्ड क्रमांक::63 परिक्षेत्र क्रमांक: 2 कर का प्रकार : संपत्ति कर

    स्वामी का नाम: [ संगीता इंकलेव] शिवकुमार डेहरिया शिवेश
    कालोनी का नाम: ग्रीनसिटी ( संगीता इंकलेव)
    पता: 56ए म ०नo ५८ वर्धमान ग्रीन सिटी ,अयोध्या बायपास रोड, भोपाल
    संपत्तिकर एवम संलग्न कारों की गणना(वर्ग मी॰)

    पक्का भवन कच्चा भवन आंशिक पक्का खुली भूमि/निर्माणाधीन भवन
    0.00 69.05 0.00 0.00

    कुल क्षेत्रफल संपत्ति-कर की दर
    69.05 । 6%
    वर्ष 2013-14 के अंत मे देय शेष राशि 6,399 रु निगम द्वारा जारी किए गए सूचना-पत्र के अनुसार दर्शाई
    गई थी।संप्रति,हमारा स्थानान्तर छिंदवाड़ा हो जाने की वजह से हम अभी भोपाल नही आ सके हैं।आपसे
    विनम्र अनुरोध है की कृपया हमें वांछित जानकारी उपरोक्त ई-मेलअथवा हमारे पते पर प्रेषित कर सकें तोहम आपके आभारी होंगे। ई-मेल और पता निम्नलिखित है:
    DHARAM TEKRI, CHHINDWARA-480001[Madhyapradesh]

    With Regards!!


  4. mahesh katiyar

    I pay online property Tex but I do not know how do it.
    Please inform me.i live in village Neelbad Bhopal

  5. Govind lal sahu

    i have paid the propert tax but reciept not generated… but amount deducted from my account how i get the reciept

  6. Bhopal municipal corporation should notify the increase in property tax to the tax payers in advance through sms or publish in news papers. Asking to pay more tax as compared to previous year when one goes to the Ward office to deposit tax is not appropriate. One must know the percentage of increase every year in advance.

  7. Suresh Chandra Katiyar

    सेवा में, दिनांक 16 दिसंबर 2016
    प्रभारी (संपत्ति कर)
    वॉर्ड-14, जोन-52, भोपाल नगर निगम
    साकेत नगर, भोपाल (म. प्र.)

    विषय – प. भीमसेन जोशी आवासीय परिसर स्थित आवास के संपत्ति कर निर्धारण हेतु

    1. उक्त परिसर में एक फ्लैट का निवासी हूं और संपत्ति कर अदा करने का इच्छुक हूं।
    2. पं. भीमसेन जोशी परिसर का कलेक्ट्रेट रेट (क्रय विक्रय रजिस्ट्री हेतु) रु. 14,400/- प्रति वर्ग मीटर है जबकि शेष सेक्टर 2सी साकेत नगर का रेट रु. 30,400/- प्रति वर्ग मीटर है। प. भीमसेन जोशी परिसर सेक्टर 2सी साकेत नगर में स्थित है।
    3. मेरा मानना है कि पं. भीमसेन आवासीय परिसर का संपत्ति कर रेट, शेष सेक्टर 2सी साकेत नगर से काफी कम होना चाहिए।
    4. कृपया पं. भीमसेन जोशी आवासीय परिसर का उपयुक्त संपत्ति कर का शीघ्र निर्धारण करें, जिससे कि मैं तथा अन्य निवासी संपत्ति कर अदा कर सकें।
    5. जैसे ही संपत्ति कर निर्धारित हो जाए, कृपया मुझे मेरे मोबाइल नंबर 09582261725 पर सचित करने का कष्ट करें ।



    (सुरेश चंद्र कटियार)
    एम-107, बी ब्लॉक
    पं. भीमसेन जोशी परिसर, 2सी साकेत नगर, भोपाल

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