Official Mobile App For Property Tax Payment Ahmedabad AMC & Calculator

Mobile App Property Tax Payment Ahmedabad AMC & Calculator

People living in Ahmedabad have to pay property tax to the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) every year. AMC is counted among the most user-friendly and modern tax payment systems in the country and it is also true that there has been a spurt in property tax payments at the beginning of FY 2019-20.

At the beginning of 2019, AMC gave a 10 percent rebate to property tax defaulters who had made all the payments. Due to this rebate, AMC received a property tax of Rs 282 crore in just 45 days. This is Rs 23.72 lakh more than the amount received by AMC in the same period last year.

AMC is one of the select bodies in the country whose citizens can pay property tax through the mobile app. In an official statement, AMC said that the number of people paying property tax through the Ahmedabad AMC App has increased 25 times over the previous year.

Apart from this, cashless transactions between April and May saw a 21 percent increase. That is, there has been a 132 percent increase in property tax collection over the last financial year. According to reports, the number of cash payers has fallen by 8 percent. All the institutions of the country are engaged in achieving this goal.

Calculate Residential Property Tax in Ahmedabad

AMC calculates property tax based on the capital value of the property. This system was implemented in the year 2001 and takes into account these things – location of the property, type of property, age of the property and its use. This is the formula for calculating property tax in which:

  • > F1- In which the location of the property is given importance.
  • > F2-type of property is given importance.
  • > The age of the F3-property is given importance.
  • > F4-importance is given to residential buildings.
  • > Fn-property users are given importance.

All these values ​​are also available on the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) Official Website for Property Tax Payment Ahmedabad AMC.

How to File Property Tax Payment Ahmedabad Online

The fastest way to for Property Tax Payment Ahmedabad AMC online is available through the official website. Payment can also be done through AMC’s website or its Android mobile app Ahmedabad AMC.

Property Tax Payment Ahmedabad AMC Official Website Gateway

Quick Pay Property Tax Payment Ahmedabad AMC

Download Property Tax Payment Ahmedabad AMC Official App

Mobile App for Property Tax Payment Ahmedabad AMC

As soon as you enter the Tenement Number, that amount will come in front of you, which you have to pay as Property Tax Payment Ahmedabad AMC.

If making online payment through the app, you can use internet banking, debit/credit card. Apart from this, tax can also be paid at city body centers.

AMC charges a half-year property tax and usually, the last date of payment is 31 March and 15 October every year. But the change depends on the decision of Property Tax Payment Ahmedabad AMC.

In case of default or delay, a penalty of two percent is levied every month and the penalty amount is added to the next Property Tax Payment Ahmedabad AMC bill.

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