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Pune, an oxford of East has a glorious past and progressive present and promising future is a historic city in India. Since 1950, the Pune Municipal Corporation is administered and provide services to citizens of the city. An initiative to implement the e-governance has been done by Pune Municipal Corporation.

Online Property Tax – Pune

Pune Municipal Corporation has started property tax payment online in the year 2005. This was successful or make possible because of awareness of people who has made booming by participating in online payment of property tax in Pune. The online payment of property tax can be done by using credit or debit card or through net banking. The owner who have a property need to pay property tax. Payment online of property tax is a good initiative done by Pune Municipal Corporation. The process of payment online property tax in Pune is given below:

 Process to Pay Online Property Tax in Pune:

There are easy and simple process to pay Online Property Tax in Pune Municipal Corporation. The process is given below:-

<{}> To pay online property tax, the tax payer need to visit to the official website of Pune Municipal Corporation, ie. www.punecorporation.org.

<{}> Click on Online Services which is left side of home page and then click on ‘Pay Property Tax’ link. It will redirect you to the link given below-


<{}> On the page, you have to fill Property Tax Dues Details.  Fill the information given below:

  • Property Type – Select the type of Property from Occupier, flat or peth
  • Enter Section ID
  • Enter Peth ID
  • Enter your Account Number
  • An then Submit the Dues details.

<{}> After submitting all details, you will get the details of Property Owner like Name of owner, Ward, Address, first owner of a property, second owner and property Description.

<{}> You will also get Annual Ratable Value of your property after submitting the Property Tax Dues Details.

<{}> The page will also show you Property Dues Details like your payable amount will be mentioned in Rupees,

<{}> Now you are required to enter applicant mobile number and Applicant Email ID in the appropriate boxes.

<{}> Afterwards you need to select Payment mode (by which you want to pay online property tax). You can Pay online by using Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking and Cash Card. And then click on Pay Online box.

<{}> After clicking on Pay Online button, you will be asked  to enter your User ID and Password.

<{}> Now you are required to enter you transaction details and need to click on Pay box. In case of cancellation of transaction, then click on Cancel button.

<{}> Fill the numbers in the proper boxes of the form about your Debit or Credit card.

<{}> The whole transaction will be complete after clicking on Pay.

<{}> Save transaction receipt copy and take a print out of it by clicking on online print button.

Those tax payers who want to submit their property tax payment through online by using Credit/Debit Card and Cash Cards will have to pay additional charges to amount due that are given below:

By paying Visa Master Debit or Credit Card will have to pay 1% of Transaction Amount with Service Tax

Through Maestro Cards will have to pay 1.8% of transaction amount plus service tax

American Express Cards- 4% of transaction amount plus service tax

Prepaid Cash Cards – 4% of Transaction amount plus service tax.

  Benefits of Online Property Tax in Pune:

@#} This website gives the facility to register themselves and pay tax after entering their User Name and Password.

@#} On using this portal, the user get to know their property tax dues which can be get after entering Property Type, Section ID, Peth ID and by entering Account number.

@#} The tax payer can pay the tax as per their convenience of card. They can make payment by using their credit/debit card or by using internet banking.

@#} The user can also obtain the receipts of last tax payments.

@#} It’s a good news that any owner can transfer the property to another owner by using the Pune Municipal Corporation website.

@#} The tax payer can get the rebate by paying the property tax before the due date.

@#} Online property tax payment receipt can also be obtained from here which will be useful for future reference.

@#} Because of connection of Pune Municipal Corporation with HDFC and ICICI bank, the HDFC and ICICI bank account holder can easily pay the online property tax without any bother.

@#} All the other credit card holders of other bank can also use this service and can also use the drop box facility provided in other banks.

For any issue, the user can send the mail at propertytax@punecorporation.org


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