rajahmundry.cdma.ap.gov.in Rajahmundry Municipal Corporation Pay Your Property Tax Online

rajahmundry.cdma.ap.gov.in Rajahmundry Municipal Corporation

Rajahmundry Nagar Nigam | Pay Your Property Taxes Online | Pay Your Mutation Fee | Know Your Property Tax | File Your New Assessment | File Your Mutation | Property Ownership Transfer Application

Rajamahendravaram Municipal Corporation or Rajahmundry Municipal Corporation http://rajahmundry.cdma.ap.gov.in/) comes under the East Godavari District, Government of Andhra Pradesh. This civic body formed in the year 1865 but till the year 1884, the British were operating it. The Rajahmundry Municipal Corporation is covering the total area of 44.5 square kilometers including the 60.5 square kilometers semi-urban or village area. However, RMC conducts the elections from time to time for the Mayor who works as the head of the department. As per the official documents available in district head office total of 343903 populations in the census of 2011. The corporation is covering a total of 41 revenue words and 50 election wards under it. However, in this region, the total 6 e-Seva Center are running currently to provide the various types of government services to the citizens.

Profile & Wards List under Rajahmundry Municipal Corporation Administration

The complete ward profile with the corporate and ward officer’s names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses are available on http://rajahmundry.cdma.ap.gov.in/en/ward-profile webpage. Complete information with the helpline number and localities are available on the same page. As on the records available in Rajamahendravaram Municipal Corporation office total 6519 citizens are having the benefits under the Old Age Pension Scheme. Similarly, total 8159 beneficiaries are getting benefits under Widow Pension Scheme and 2620 beneficiaries under the Disabled Person Pension Scheme. Citizens can check all the Rajahmundry Municipal Corporation development works going in the on http://rajahmundry.cdma.ap.gov.in/en/development webpage.

In this page, we will let you know the procedures related to the “pay your property taxes online, pay your mutation fee, know your property tax, file your new assessment which is not yet assessed and file your mutation or transfer of property ownership application online”.

Section A1

Pay Your Property Tax OR Know Your Due Tax Rajahmundry Municipal Corporation rajahmundry.cdma.ap.gov.in
  • For the online payment of property or to know the due in Rajahmundry Municipal Corporation just visit the official website rajahmundry.cdma.ap.gov.in. Consequently, on the official website, you have to click on “Citizen Services”

Rajahmundry Municipal Corporation Official Website

  • Therefore, now you will see the “Citizen Services” page on your computer screen. On this page, the option is available as “Pay Your Property Tax” under the “Payments” This option will also provide you the “Know Your Property Tax” service.

Citizens Services

  • On this users have to enter any of the information from “Assessment Number, Old Assessment Number, Owner Name or Door Number”. Then press the “Search” button and you will see the option for the property tax payment.

Property Tax Payment Online

  • After that make the online payment using the credit/debit card. You also can download the payment receipt. Take the printout of it for the future assistance and to check the status of your payment.

Section A2

Pay Your Property Mutation Fees Online in Rajahmundry Municipal Corporation rajahmundry.cdma.ap.gov.in
  • Firstly, for the online payment of mutation the option is available in same “Citizen Services > Payments” Just visit the below link where you have to enter your “Application Number OR Assessment Number”. Now hit the “Pay Fee” button and you will see the payment gateway of Rajahmundry Nagar Nigam.

Pay Your Property Mutation Fee

  • Secondly, In the payment gateway just use the credit card, debit card, or internet banking mode. Pay the fees in favor of the Rajamahendravaram Municipal Corporation and don’t forget to download the receipt in the last.

Section B1

File Your New Assessment (Not Yet Assessed) in Rajahmundry Municipal Corporation rajahmundry.cdma.ap.gov.in
  • If you are looking to file the new assessment then visit the below available link. Furthermore, on this page, you can see the “New Property Registration Form” in Rajahmundry Municipal Corporation. Most importantly, submit the application form online and attach all the documents as shown in the image here. Also, download the application form receipt in the last.

New Property Registration

Section B2

File Your Mutation OR Transfer Property Ownership in Rajahmundry Municipal Corporation rajahmundry.cdma.ap.gov.in
  • For the ownership transfer, the application form is provided through the Rajahmundry Municipal Corporation’s official website. This application form is available in the below link which you can get after filling the “assessment number”. Meanwhile, fill it with complete information and submit online and then take the printout of it. most noteworthy, take the acknowledgment number for check checking the request status.

Property Ownership Transfer

(In Conclusion)

Rajahmundry Municipal Corporation


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