| Tiruchirappalli Municipal Corporation | Trichy Property Tax / House Tax Payment Online | Calculate & Check Due Amount Online |

Tiruchirappalli Municipal Corporation | Trichy Property Tax Return & House Tax Payment Online | Calculate & Check Due Amount Against Property Tax |

Tiruchirappalli Municipal Corporation was constituted on dated 8th July, 1866 and the up gradation of the municipality as Municipal Corporation of city was done in the year 1st June, 1994. The Tiruchirappalli Municipal Corporation is consists of municipalities, town panchayats and village panchayats.  

All the responsibility of the corporation are administered under the Tiruchirapppalli City Municipal Corporation Act, 1994. The Tiruchirappalli city is divided into four administrative zones and sixty five wards.The Tiruchirappalli Municipal Corporation is headed by the Mayor and assisted by several other officers.

There are several functions of the municipal, corporation of Tiruchirappalli are urban planning including town planning, maintenance of public amenities in the city including street lighting, parks, bus stops, water supply for domestic, industrial and commercial purposes etc. 

The total collection of property tax is used to manage civic amenities in the city.  In a year the property tax return is filed twice. Every assesee is request to pay property tax on time. Those who do not pay trichy property tax on time have to face penalties according to the Tiruchirappalli Municipal Corporation.    

Procedures for Online Payment of Trichy Property Tax 

⇒Go to the official web portal of Tiruchirappallli Municipal Corporation for payment of property tax online. 

Trichy Property Tax Online Payment

Click Here for Tiruchirappalli Municipal Corporation ➽➽➽

⇒Select Online Service and click to Calculate Property Tax option to calculate your property tax online or see below given direct link to calculate property tax.

Click Here for Calculation of Trichy Property Tax ➽➽➽

⇒To calculate property tax online, select your building usage as residential or commercial. Select building age, zone, ward, and street.

⇒Enter Security code in the appropriate box then enter property details as floor, building type, tottal area (in square feet), and approval area.

⇒After that, click on Submit button to check property tax amount details. You can also check service charges and service tax amount in tax amount. 

⇒After check in property tax amount proceed for payment of property tax.  Click to below given link for payment of property tax.

Click Here for Online Payment of Trichy Property Tax ➽➽➽

⇒Here you need to select Tax Type, Zone, Criteria, Ward, and Street and enter Name, door number. After enter all details completing check all details once and enter security code then click on Submit button.

⇒Now you will be able to check your property tax details and then click on Pay button. 

⇒Next step is to select mode of payment from given options. Check final payment amount click on pay button to confirm payment.

⇒The successful payment of property tax will generate a receipt on your screen used for future reference.

Check Trichy Property Tax Payment Details Online

Here you can also check your payment details online. Check below given link to check your trichy property tax payment history. 

⇒First select Tax Type, Zone and enter your assessment number.

⇒Next, select Submit button to payment details. You can also take print of payment details.  

Click Here for Trichy Property Tax payment Details ➽➽➽

Check Trichy Property Tax Due Details Online

You can also check your property tax due details online. 

⇒Check below given link to check your property tax amount due details.

⇒Select Tax Type, Zone and then enter Assessment Number click on Submit button. 

Click Here for Trichy Property Tax Due Details ➽➽➽
Contact Details

Tiruchirappalli Municipal Corporation

Address: Room No. 58, Bharathidasan Salai, Contonment, Tiruchirappalli

Pin Code: 620001

State: Tamil Nadu

Telephone Number: 0431 2415329

E- Mail ID: [email protected]

Citizens check here step by step procedures to pay property tax online in Tiruchirappalli Tamil Nadu. Read all steps one by one and then proceed to payment of trichy property tax online.
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